About A.K.K.A. Twin Peaks
Our AKKA location, at Twin Peaks and Coachline, has been open for seven years, catering to a wide variety of people. We teach Kenpo karate, a Chinese based martial art focused on self-defense. Learning karate will not only give you the ability to defend yourself, it improves focus, discipline, confidence, self-esteem, and over-all health. Here at Twin Peaks we have seen these improvements in every one of our students, and sometimes the change is almost miraculous. Our school is a family owned school, and we believe that a family that kicks together sticks together! Karate has done wonders for our family, and our goal is to share this joy with anyone willing to train.
Black Belt Test June 2016
Mrs. Morrill surrounded by her students at her 4th degree black belt ceremony.
How To Get Started

Try out two weeks of karate classes absolutely FREE. We know that karate may not be for everyone, but you never know unless you try! Our two week trial period gives you the chance to find out if karate is for you. If at the end of your two weeks you LOVE it, upon payment of your first month, you get a uniform for free.

For additional information, feel free to email us or give us a call at:

*We offer military discounts, and first responder discounts*